All Hallows’ Eve Extra Infused Bundle


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An almost deadly assortment of extra infused Halloween goodies, sure to leave you feeling a little supernatural!

Enchantress Bath Bomb Cauldron – drop the entire cauldron into your bath for a magically fun time, scented with sticky sweet gummy bears! Infused with over 50mg of our signature CBD.

Fangbanger Blood Bath Bag – Bathe in the blood of the innocent! Scented with spun sugar and infused with 200mg of our CBD!

Banshee Body Whip – You won’t be able to stop wailing in happy madness after you smell this caramel apple body whip! Infused with 200mg of CBD!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Soap – Rise from the dead and be born again with this bubble gum scented soap! Wash off the tarnished sooty exterior for first use and reveal the sparkling white bones underneath! Infused with over 50mg of CBD!

Doctor Jekyll Transforming Bath Soak Potion – Return back to normal with this rejuvenating bath soak! Scented with a nostalgic childhood favorite candy corn! 150mg of CBD in every glass potion bottle!

Each bundle contains over 700mg of high-grade CBD oil.

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